Live Football Streaming in 2023, Best Apps for watch Football Online

The best Android apps for watching football games. Football is the most known and popular game globally. More or less, everyone around the world knows about this game. And if an international match is held, the spectators are eagerly waiting to watch it, whether it's an international match like the Premier League, the Champions League or the European Championship.

Not everyone gets a chance to go to the gallery and watch the game. Then they watch the game on TV. But nowadays, in the age of the Internet, watching TV is not so much, so why not watch the game of your favourite team?

Not at all. Football matches are now available on the Internet. You can watch this game on your Android phone, laptop, or computer. All you have to do is install an app or software on your mobile.

Live Football Streaming in 2023

So today, I will tell you about the top 5 Android apps for watching football matches. Of course, these apps are also helpful for iPhone. However, since more people use Android phones, I am giving information about Android apps.

Apart from showing the football game live here, it also publishes various football-related news. Why players, on and off the field news, game time, team name, team change all kinds of updates are also available in these apps. So let's look at the Android apps for watching football games.

About Live football streaming apps

There are numerous apps and software links on Playstore and online to watch football games. One by one, apps are made with one-of-a-kind benefits.

Although made with different principles, everyone aims to show us the game of football. Many of the channels that used to show football games on TV have now released apps under their names.

Best 5 android apps for Live Football streaming

In my opinion, the names of the top 5 Android apps for watching football are:


At the top of the list are MobiTV apps. MobiTV is a great app for watching a football game live on Android mobile. If you go to Play Store and search by typing MobiTV, the app will come up fast. Then download it.

Did you know that MobiTV was the first company to bring live and on-demand TV to mobile devices in 2017? This app is very popular as it allows watching many sports channels. MobiTV has launched the MOBITV CONNECT platform. Because of this feature, it is listed under the Entertainment section of the Google Play Store.

By installing this application, you will benefit from watching television programs directly on your Android phone.

The best part about this app is that you can easily navigate this application. You can easily find your favourite sports channel in this application. Here you will also find a schedule recording feature that allows you to easily record the life of your favourite game from any of your channels.


Second, on our list is Supersports Apps. Undoubtedly, SuperSport is one of the best football streaming apps for Android. The basic features of live streaming can be found in this application. If you want to enjoy watching live games, download these apps today.

The best part about this app is that it has game videos and highlight videos. If you don't have time to enjoy football matches live, this app will allow you to watch special sports events. In this application, you will find the video of your choice in the different windows through which you can navigate the application. Here you will also find leaderboards to know the score of your favourite sports club.

Mobdro Sport

With Mobdro Sport, you can easily watch your favourite football game on live sports channels on your Android mobile. By installing this app on your smartphone or smart TV, you can enjoy any sport live, including football, anytime and anywhere.

You can watch games like football and soccer through this app by downloading from many trusted websites or APK Pure, even if you don't get it from Playstore. Surrey 16 MB this app but can also be logged in with Facebook or Gmail.

Then if you are using it for the first time, tick all the Terms and Conditions box, and go to Menu Section. Go there and select the category of the game of your choice. Then click on the channel where the football game is being played and enjoy the match.

Sports Live TV

Another great Android app for watching live football games is Sports Live TV Football Apps. It is also not available in the Play Store, so you can get the app on different websites or by clicking on this link Many ads will come after downloading the app. You can start using the original apps by removing the ads. If you want to watch the football game, enjoy the scheduled match by clicking on the football writing option.

There are more than 500 TV channels so you can enjoy other games besides football. Besides, while playing football, the team's name is mentioned here, so you should not bother to remember which game and whose game. Just run the app and get football news.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV is one of the top 5 Android apps I've listed for watching football, which is admired worldwide because there are more than 600 TV channels, including channels that watch football games with different games from different countries.

Besides, there is no registration fee no subscription fee in this app. In addition, if you want to watch a missing TV channel, you can request the developers of the app to add the channel of your choice. They will add it if possible.

After installing this app, click on Terms & Services and Privacy Policy. Then the ad will come and cut it and come to the main interface. Then go to the channel of your choice and go there and watch live football matches.

In addition to the top 5 Android apps for watching football games, there are many other apps through which you will get live broadcasts of football games and various interesting and important information about football. Besides, various news media, including English and Bangla, constantly cover football-related news.

Even if you don't have time to watch live matches many times, you can get updated live scores of football matches through some apps. Such as Goal, ESPN, Who Score, Scorebat, SkySports etc.

In addition to the five apps I wrote about in today's article, there are some other great apps to watch live football matches. E.g.

  • Maasranga TV Android Apps
  • Bioscope
  • Toffee
  • Robi and Airtel mobile apps
  • Jago

Today I gave you information about the top 5 Android apps for watching football games. The football world cup is coming up. If you are out of the house during a World Cup football match and still do not want to miss a football game, keep one or all of these apps installed on your Android phone.

Because one app has one special feature, all facilities will be available while watching the match. And don't forget to comment on what you want to write about.